Find out why thousands of car owners in Kathmandu are ditching wax and getting Diamond coating at Motors Nepal

Diamond coating® is a revolutionary new paint protection technology that instantly doubles the gloss of your vehicle and  protects it against environmental damages for a lifetime!

  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Anti-Yellowing & Anti-Fading
  • USA Lab-Engineered
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • World’s #1 Paint Coating
  • SGS, ILAC-MRA & ISO Certified
  • Self Cleaning & Hydrophobic
  • 100% UV Protection


Ultra Deep & Mirror-like Shine

Let’s face it, waxing your car is outdated, time consuming and does not give you satisfactory results. Within a few days your wax job already starts to fade leaving your paint exposed again.

Nano-ceramic technology is the new revolution which is exactly what Diamond coating is. By using Diamond coating you’re adding a thick layer of a real diamond (SiO2 and TiO2) that adds an extreme deep gloss and shine on your car.


Ultimate Paint Protection for Cars

If you’re not protecting your ride with nanotechnology then you’re exposing it to potential dangers.

Diamond coating creates a protective shield around your vehicle that resists heat, UV rays, oxidization, rusting, environmental contaminants & harsh detergents. It provides complete protection against fading, yellowing, minor scratches & more.


Permanent Results with Lifetime Warranty

Diamond coating is the only type of coating that is permanent and is backed by lifetime warranty.

The advanced nanotech polymers such as Titanium Dioxide(Tio2) and hybrid epoxy resins form an extremely strong bond and blankets your vehicle with permanent protection that lasts for a lifetime.


Wash in Less than 15 Minutes

The extreme hydrophobic (water-repelling) nature of Diamond coating makes its super easy to wash your car. Wash your car with just plain water and see all the dirt and dust fall away without any effort.

Diamond coating makes your paint surface extremely smooth due to which less dust and dirt is attracted to your vehicle.


Free Polishing & Maintenance Checks

Once a client, always a client. All customers of diamond coating get FREE check ups and touch-up sessions every 6 months to remove any contamination buildups and add a layer of ceramic topper to retain the gloss and thickness of the coating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You got questions. We got answers.

Ceramic coating is a traditional technology introduced by us in the Nepal market back in 2017 and now discontinued after finding it unsuitable for Nepal’s environment. 

It uses an inferior chemical compound called Silica(Sio2) that is not only less durable (below 1 year) and has a temporary gloss effect that is reduced after every wash.

They are commonly available under different names such as Crystal, Quartz coating etc.

Diamond coating uses advanced nanotech polymers which includes stronger compounds such as Titanium Dioxide(Ti02) and hybrid epoxy resins that is extremely strong and environment resistant and adds an unbeatable permanent gloss that lasts for a long time.

Simply compare the results of diamond coating from our page over any ceramic coating company in town. The difference is very visible.

The best marketing strategy is happy customers. We boast over 4000+ satisfied customers and have been in business for 4 years+ which is the longest that any detailer in town has.

Infact, Motors Nepal is the pioneering brand that brought the culture of Auto Detailing & Coating for the first time in Nepal.

PPF is a paint protection technology which is very similar to lamination. While it surely offers more thickness and protection against scratches, due to its very high cost it may not be suitable for all car owners, specially due to its high maintenance repair costs over repainting.

Diamond coating® offers the same value, higher gloss at much reasonable price except for limited scratch protection.

Don’t even get us started on those ones. Most of such products are polymer sealants, a form of plastic compounds which not only damages your paintwork if applied incorrectly, they do a very poor job at protecting your vehicle and don’t last at all. Much of such advertisements are stolen video copies of reputed ceramic coating brands. 

We strongly urge you to not use such products on your experience vehicles.

Absolutely, NOT. Motors Nepal is the national distributor and only authorized installer in Nepal to provide System X® diamond coating. Anyone who is claiming the same, just ask them to show you the bottle. 

Most often local installers will just install a ceramic coating or polymer sealant when asked for diamond coating.

This coating is only available through our authorized detailers network available on our facebook page.

Always check with us before getting diamond coating installed anywhere other than Motors Nepal. We care about our customers and would not like it if you get cheated on for a counterfeit product.

Motors Nepal is Nepal’s only authorized applicator and authorized distributor for world-class brands like System X®, CarPro®, Rupes® and Xpel®

We are Nepal’s only internationally certified detailing brand certified by IDA, ISO-9001, SGS & ILAC-MRA equipped with latest technologies and products in auto detailing globally.

Every coating job takes 1 complete day which involves 4-5 hours of intense paint correction and detailing, 1-2 hours of coating, 1-2 hours of Infrared Curing & overnight storage to prevent any exposure to dust and germs.

An installation job consists of 3-step intense paint correction, decontamination and detailing on your vehicle. Diamond coating® is applied on paintwork, alloy wheels, glass, plastic & interior.

Gift Your Vehicle an Amazing Shine & Protection for Lifetime

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