5 Reasons Why Every Car Owner in Kathmandu Needs Diamond Coating

Have you ever wondered how some cars have a special deep gloss and shine? The secret is Diamond coating.

1. Diamond-like Gloss & Shine

Gone are the days of waxing your car. Let’s face it, waxing your car is outdated, time consuming and does not give you satisfactory results. Within a few days your wax job already starts to fade leaving your paint exposed again.

The future is nano-ceramic technology which is exactly what Diamond coating is. By using Diamond coating you’re actually adding a thick layer of an actual diamond (SiO2 and TiO2) that adds an extreme gloss on your car.

2. Ultimate Paint Protection for Cars

If you’re not protecting your ride with nanotechnology then you’re living in the Stone Age.

Diamond coating resists heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants & harsh detergents much better than wax. It provides complete protection against Fading, yellowing, minor scratches & more.

3. Permanent Results with Lifetime Warranty

Diamond coating is the only type of coating that is permanent and is backed by lifetime warranty.

The advanced nanotech polymers such as Titanium Dioxide(Tio2) and hybrid epoxy resins form an extremely strong bond and blankets your vehicle with permanent protection that lasts for a lifetime.

4. Wash in Less than 15 Minutes

The extreme hydrophobic (water-repelling) nature of Diamond coating makes its super easy to wash your car. Wash your car with just plain water and see all the dirt and dust fall away without any effort.

Diamond coating makes your paint surface extremely smooth due to which less dust and dirt is attracted to your vehicle.

5. Free Polishing & Maintainence Checks

Once a client, always a client. All customers of diamond coating get FREE check ups and touchup sessions every 6 months to remove any micro-contamination buildups and add a layer of ceramic topper to retain the gloss and thickness of the coating.

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