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Nepal’s best selling ultra-premium towel that absorbs water, cleans surfaces like crazy without any risk of scratches! 

Talo® is our next generation high-performance cleaning towel built with ultra-premium Korean made nano-materials which has amazing water absorbing and cleaning qualities.

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Super Water Absorbing, Scratch-Safe and Ultra-Premium Fabric made in Korea

Our signature 3-in-1 Korean technology gives you an ultra-premium fabric with super high water absorbing qualities without scratching delicate surfaces.

Don’t Wipe, Just Swipe!

Talo® premium towels are water suckers and can absorb more than 10x its weight. Just slide it across a wet surface and watch the magic unfold!

Bye, Bye Dirt! 

Talo® will easily clean dirt and grime from any kind of surface with minimal effort without leaving any scratches, even your own skin!

Size Definitely Matters!

Talo® premium towels are specially designed to be large (24×37 inches) for larger than life performance and saving your valuable time and energy.

Loved by over 5000+ Customers Across Nepal

Talo® continues to win hearts of thousands of customers across Nepal who are 100% satisfied with its amazing performance!